SAIMUN delegates who truly excel in their committees, who show profound understanding of the topics under discussion, an appreciation of diplomacy, mediation and negotiation, and who are able to lead their co-participants to balanced resolution of the problems at hand, are recognised for their efforts and skill with official awards.

Diplomacy Awards

These are given to those who embrace the principles of cooperation and dialogue throughout the diplomatic exercise that leads to the adoption of a resolution. As such, a delegate who ably makes subtle concessions while upholding their policy interests will be favoured by committee directors if he or she does so to work constructively towards resolution of the issues considered.

In practice, this means the award recipient is likely a leading figure among a bloc of delegates, who enriches debate by contributing new ideas and intelligent content for committee documents. He or she is not divisive, but constructive. Examples of these diplomatic traits that SAIMUN encourages may include letting others express their views in unmoderated caucuses, yielding time to others while on the General Speakers’ List, and displaying a teamwork attitude during negotiations. Eligibility for awards is, however, conditional upon the submission of a Position Paper before the conference.

Delegations Awards

Delegations as a whole are awarded as well when multitudes of their members demonstrate outstanding aptitudes. The delegation awards will work as follows:

Delegations composed of 2-15 delegates will be eligible for the Best Small Delegation Award

Delegations composed of 16-25 delegates will be eligible for the Best Medium Delegation Award

Delegations composed of 26-40 delegates will be eligible for the Best Large Delegation Award

Best Delegate Award
The Best Delegate Award is attributed to the delegate that excelled through his/her performance during the conference, being well prepared, following the Rules of Procedure to the letter and spirit, working with his/her fellow delegates and the Board of his/her committee.

Future Diplomat Award
The Future Diplomat Award is attributed to the delegate that through his/her practices during the conference exhibited versatility, adaptiveness and awareness, and contributed to the final adoption of the resolution in an exemplary manner.

Honorary Mention
An Honorary Mention is attributed to a delegate that showed great potential during his/her participation and contribute to the final adoption of the resolution.
The Award is a Certificate. Up to three Honorary Mentions are attributed per committee.