Who We Are
As a recognized member of the Registrar of Societies and Associations of Kenya, SAIMUN is commited to supporting the growth and development of the next generation.
We run a top-tier and hands-on program that empowers a generation of young global leaders through an innovative year-long training experience that culminates into an annual conference. This is where leaders are allocated specialisations and the aim of these tailored workshops is to prepare our participants for their chosen career paths.
What We Do
We contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 4 which “Ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life long learning opportunities for all.” By taking a progressive stance towards the field of diplomacy and negotiation.
Through our public speaking workshops, research training sessions and United Nations Committee simulations, we run programs that train young people to build the confidence and skills they need to make a difference in their communities.
Our Mission
To promote and encourage awareness, understanding, tolerance and acceptance of different people, cultures, beliefs and attitudes.
Our Vision
By working together as a team, drawing from the past and present, we are preparing youth for the future and we empower them to be a part of decision making at all levels.