Welcome to SAIMUN 2023!
2023 is yet another year where students get an opportunity to develop their leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Join us and register as a delegate
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The Timelines
Stay up to date with our timelines to avoid any inconveniences. The following is our timeline for 2023
Jan - May
Delegate Applications
Jan - April
Partner/Sponsor Confirmations
April - June
Final Touches
SAIMUN Conference
The Process
In order to ensure a smooth sailing conference, we have a process to ensure everyone is aligned towards the same goals
Selection of Participants
Select promising talents from high-schools and universities in Kenya and East Africa to participate in the program.
Lectures and Workshops
Provide over 150 hours of lectures, personal development workshops, practical public speaking exercises, diplomatic study-visits, leadership development series, career guidance and research networking.
Diplomatic Study
Cover different elements of diplomacy and negotiation such as integrative bargaining, negotiation, strategy and tactics, chairing and so on.
Simulation Preparation
Prepare students for a complex final simulation by working with embassies, experts and institutions.
Final Simulation
A final simulation will be held to test the skills and knowledge that students have gained throughout the program.
The Sessions
The SAIMUN sessions will include the following
Global Talks and research
A series of lectures which cover current themes in the international arena.
Diplomatic Practise Simulation
Scenario-based practical simulations, case study groups
Leadership Lectures
TEDx presentations, followed by Q&A sessions with inspiring global leaders in diplomacy, politics, business and the non-for-profit sector.
Diplomatic Skills Workshops
Offered to all three specializations, the workshops help grow the skills necessary to successfully pursue international careers in chosen fields.
Specialised Career Guidance
Tailor-made to each thematic area.
Leadership Development Groups
Meetings in small groups with monthly assignments. The LDGs help build self-awareness and a sense of purpose - both necessary to develop true leadership potential.
Background Guides
Familiarize yourself with 2023’s committee topics